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If there is one area of online gambling which has disappointed me, it’s the fact that I have had a few problems collecting my winnings. Nonetheless, I’ve never been stiffed. Of the 51 sites I’ve played, I’ve cashed out and received payment at 43 of them. At the other 8 casinos, I’ve never cashed-in at all. In all, I’ve made over 100 cash-in transactions. I’ve had trouble with 5 of them. I managed to collect every time, but it has taken a few phone calls and emails to customer service. If you choose to play online, make sure that you keep good records, or you’ll be at their mercy.

So, what were my 5 problems?

The slowest pay was at the now-defunct Fairplay Casino. I suppose I should be thankful that I ever received my money from a casino that went out of business due to poor management. Luckily, I wasn’t owed much when they folded. Four months after they closed down, I received a bank transfer for the final $35 they owed me.

Almost as slow was Lucky Nugget casino, where it took me nearly four months to collect $85. Lucky Nugget was one of the first casinos that I played, and I was still pretty suspicious of the games. I received a substantial bonus of $110 from them, played just over the required amount, and cashed-out $85 of my original $100 for a net loss of $15. I still believe that they intentionally mishandled my cash-in since I played barely enough to qualify for my bonus. Lesson learned: Play a little extra when bonuses are involved, or better yet, a lot extra.

Next up, Captain Cooks Casino, where I waited 7 weeks for a PayPal transfer of $349 for ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล. Their claims of various delays are pretty transparent, especially since their sister property of Illustrated Casino was giving me the run-around at the same time.

Illustrated Casino, affiliated with Captain Cooks, took 6 weeks for a PayPal transfer of $393, not-so-coincidentally credited on the same day my Captain Cooks fiasco was resolved.

My most recent trouble was with King Solomon’s, where I received a free $50 bonus to try out their new software. I ran the balance up to $250 and cashed out, but only a portion of my cash-in was credited against older credit card buy-ins. Two months of phone calls and Emails later, I finally received the rest of my credit.

Those episodes paint a pretty bleak picture. The good news is that my other cash-ins (more than 100) have been handled with no problem. Usually, credit cards are credited within a few days, PayPal and ACH transfers take two or three days, and checks usually arrive via mail within a couple of weeks.

I’ve cashed out more than $1000 on several occasions, and the larger transactions have consistently been paid quicker than the smaller ones. My explanation is this: If you are playing for bonuses, the casinos hate to pay a winner a small amount that corresponds to roughly the amount of the bonus. If you have a good run of cards, and cash out a substantial win, they figure that’s just part of the risk in running a casino, and they seem to pay more quickly.

Back to the question: Will you get paid? The short answer: Yes, I always have been.

There are more observations about payment issues in the next section, Choosing a Casino..